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Hello and welcome! My name is Wendy and I’m grateful you’re here! I was born an intuitive and healer with gifts of vision and wisdom as a First Nation (Native American). I’ve also been blessed to train by private invitation with mentors and elders to develop and hone my crafts. Through my own story with health challenges, healing, and wellness journey, I developed specialities as an Intuitive consultant Master Energy healer and Wellness advocate with more than 30yrs of education and training. To learn more about my uniques gifts, skill set and more about my story and background click here thank you!


“ Hi Wendy! The last few days I’ve been feeling great. Emotionally feel clear and don’t even feel like I have it in me to think about all the stuff that has occurred in the past. It’s not as though I forgot it all’s just as though I don’t have the capacity to have those thoughts right now so I haven’t even been thinking about the past and have been focusing on the future. It’s been quite nice! Very liberating!”

* Checked on her at end of week to see if took I gave her was helping and to remember to use the breathing technique:

“ Hi Wendy! I still feel so renewed and refreshed. Even if I happen to think of an old problem it doesn’t seem as bad because I don’t seem to recognize it the way I did before. I guess I’m choosing more to live in the present moment which is great! I am doing the breathing and have ever since Sunday.”

“Wendy, you are a phenomenon! Every time I work with you I am more and more delighted. I’m so grateful that you are sharing your gifts with so many lucky people. A million thank you’s for all that you are!”