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Everything you need to know about a session with Wendy

Why Energy Work?

There are many reasons and benefits to choosing energy work. For people who don’t like massage, it’s a different yet equally kind experience for them and their body, or a beautiful addition to their vacation.  

For others, the reasons are countless. Energy work is different for everyone because each person has lived life with their own stories or patterns for a long time. The energy of these experiences is held in our cellular memory. Just as a computer with too many files can crash, our bodies can also get overwhelmed with energetic information. Working with Wendy can free up more space for you, contributing to you letting go of everything you’re ready to let go of that no longer serve you. It can be a very luxurious and nurturing experience for your body and so much more! In the worst case scenario, you’ll feel like you had a really relaxing massage. In the best case scenario, possibilities for your whole life can begin to change.

People who consistently receive energy work frequently report that it’s their favorite thing for their body and their life. If you’re looking for a nurturing experience or transformation, or are ready to change what’s no longer serving you or working for you, Wendy helps people change the things they think they can’t change!

What is a “Reading?”

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A reading can be many things and take many forms. People commonly seek Wendy’s assistance and knowing on a particular area or challenge they’re having in their life, their business, relationships, or careers.

As a First Nation, Indigenous Healer, readings are honored as a form of medicine. It’s a way to receive clarity or information on any issue or situation in life. Wendy uses this same quality of reading for things such as real estate or investments, business transactions, or questions that arise regarding future situations in your life. The application for a reading is virtually limitless.

In addition to her heritage, Wendy incurred a serious head injury many years ago that gave her the unexpected gift of strengthening her skills. She had been a seeker her whole life, spending most of her time exploring the nonverbal communication and energy that makes up 93% of who we are. With the amplification of her awareness, her capacity for readings increased.

Readings are a wonderful way to receive clarity or information on an issue with health, body, relationships, or any aspect of life, and can be done in person or over the phone.

Please note that it is Wendy’s preference to empower each person to know what they know on their own by clearing what’s not serving them so that they can see/know the information they require for themselves.

Is Wending reading me?

Only if you have asked for a reading! When Wendy is doing most energy work, she will have awareness, but isn’t “reading” you unless you’ve established an agreement for that service. One element of that is spiritual permission, as it’s not an honoring of you or her to automatically read people. As human beings we can have awareness or intuition/knowing about one another all the time, but Wendy’s not in people’s heads, ever. She doesn’t read unless it’s in honoring of all parties involved and is part of a session that someone has specifically asked for. 

What do I wear for a session?

Loose comfortable clothing is recommended.  If in person session, you’ll most likely be laying down or sitting in a comfortable position with clothes on. Choose whatever’s comfortable for you and your body.

Do readings or healings need to be in person?

Wendy works with people in person or remotely from all over the world. Some of her services can be more impactful in person because bodies respond well to physical presence, while other services require functional testing. However, most of Wendy’s work can be done remotely. It’s just as effective, sometimes even more so.

As part of a VIP days or retreat packages, in-person components are an option. Vacationers to Park City who choose to work in person will receive the benefit of Wendy tapping into their imprinted energy for distant sessions in the future. However, it’s not required, and the work is highly effective whether you’ve ever met in person or not.

What to expect from a session?

Every session with every person is different because we each come in with our own story, patterns, or issues that we’re currently living and working with. Sessions tend to be very relaxing and nurturing. Some people sleep, dream, see colors, pictures, or images, some people talk, while others just relax and feel the most relaxed they’ve ever felt! Everyone’s different, and each of us may be different with every session we have.

The best thing to expect is actually to have no expectations! While that may be a lot to ask, being open to possibilities will allow you to receive the greatest benefit.

Where do I start if I’m new or unsure about Energy Work or working withWendy?

The best way to start is to either book a session based on what you see on the services menu, or to request a complementary 15 to 20 minute conversation with Wendy to get a sense of who she is and how she works. During this intro you will also have an opportunity to customize your service choices with Wendy’s assistance in response to your targets or challenges.

The most effective and honoring way for working with Wendy can be if you’re skeptical, yet open. If you’re skeptical and closed, energy work of this nature is not a good fit. Please keep this in mind when purchasing a gift for another as well.

Will I need more than one session?

Does Wendy work with medical conditions?

Wendy does not at any time diagnose, treat, or prescribe; if it’s that quality of care you’re looking for, please contact a medical professional. However, she has consulted for 4500 doctors of varying backgrounds and degrees for many years, helping to support their patients and practices with alternative health and quality of life. Her awareness and knowledge is extensive so that the work she provides can be harmonious and complimentary to any care you may already be receiving.

From Wendy’s perspective, any kind of healing begins within us emotionally, spiritually, bio chemically, and environmentally as well as physically. So it’s up to us to take charge of our health and seek out the keys that unlock the quality of life we’re looking for, while releasing the things that are no longer serving us, our bodies, and our overall well being.