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Anti-aging and lifestyle support from the inside out anD outside in

One of the questions most asked of Wendy is what does she use on her skin and how does she look so young at 51?!

Seventeen years ago, Wendy incurred a serious head injury and blood clot that led to the pursuit to become an anti-aging expert at age 34. With a background in bio-chemical and genetic expression - which means how our bodies express their youthfulness and experience the highest quality of life - she pursued the best products in the world for youthful, anti-aging beauty.

Excited to share the quality of Lightstruck Beauty & Products, Wendy creates custom packages based on your needs and goals, as well as provides access to individual products as desired.

Wendy’s TOP 10 FAVORITE Light Struck Beauty Products:

Each one chosen for its quality and effectiveness with strong endorsement from Wendy and quality seekers around the world.

Contact Wendy for more information on any of these products. She looks forward to sharing everything she knows as well as recommending the products that will best support you in creating a greater quality of life.

Customized Products and Packages

Receive expert care in customizing products that will work for you based on your current conditions, and where you’d like your skin, body, health and quality-of-life to be. Gift packages also available.

Personalized protocol product baskets available for conditions such as:

  • Altitude support

  • Nightlife recovery

  • Sports performance

  • Immune support while traveling

  • Body specific anti-aging

Custom roses beauty baskets also available.

Contact Wendy to create a one-of-a-kind gift for anyone, including You!